Central Park - May 28, 2022

2.5 hr walk, ~20 people attending at the start, which was very humid, ending abruptly with a massive thunder shower and cool-down. Had also rained heavily overnight but was dry the week before. We started on 103rd St, moved toward North Meadow and wound up fruitfully in the north woods and ravine.~40 species – without Ethan or Tom.

*=new to park   **=new to city



*Chlorociboria sp.
Diatrype decorticata
Eutypa sp.
Eutypa limiformis
*Hesperomyces virescens-complex
Kretzschmaria deusta
*Lachnum virgineum
Phaeocalicium polyporaeum
**Taphrina caerulescens
**Taphrina farlowii
Trichoderma sp.
Xylaria polymorpha

Crusts & Parchment

Hydnoporia olivacea
Peniophora albobadia
Peniophora cinerea
Stereum complicatum
Stereum lobatum
Xylobolus frustulatus


Cyathus sp.

Gilled Fungi

Agrocybe sp.
Coprinellus sp.
ozonium carpet!
Coprinellus micaceus
Coprinopsis lagopus
Coprinus sp.
Russula sp.
Schizophyllum commune

Jelly Fungi

Dacrymyces sp.
Exidia crenata
Myxarium nucleatum


Candelaria concolor


Lycogala epidendrum


*Cerrena unicolor
Ganoderma sessile
Trametes conchifer
Trametes versicolor
Trichaptum biforme