Central Park - Jun 26, 2022

Gary Lincoff Backyard Walk 6/26/2022 3 hr walk, ~30 people attending. Began at Gary Lincoff Way, and very slowly made our way to the Pool and Ravine and slightly into the North Woods for most of the walk. Ended at Irene’s (steps from Gary Lincoff Way) with delicious broccoli rabe and foraged mushroom lasagna and foraged berry tart and cake. Today and yesterday have been about 90 degrees; rain has been forecast several days this last week but seems to always bypass NYC. Conditions on the ground were dry!

*=new to park   **=new to city



Amphilogia gyrosa
Cosmospora sp.
Diatrype decorticata
Endothia gyrosa
Kretzschmaria deusta
Mollisiaceae sp.
Peroneutypa scoparia
Phaeocalicium polyporaeum
Trichoderma sp.

Crusts & Parchment

Hydnoporia olivacea
Peniophora albobadia
Peniophora cinerea
Steccherinum ochraceum
Stereum lobatum
Xylobolus frustulatus


Scleroderma cepa

Gilled Fungi

**Agrocybe dura
Amanita flavorubens
*Rhodocybe sp.
Russula mariae
Russula spp.

Jelly Fungi

Exidia crenata
very dry, a skin


Lycogala epidendrum
Tubifera ferruginosa
also unidentified myxo with beautiful white caps on a stalk


Fulvifomes robiniae
Ganoderma lobatum
Irpex lacteus
Laetiporus cincinnatus
Meripilus sumstinei
Trichaptum biforme
also unidentified primordial polypore